Saturday, August 21, 2010

Putting the Best Foot Forward  This is a fact.  They dress outfits up or down and can complete the perfect ensemble.  Any bride will also tell you that comfortable shoes are a MUST on your wedding day.  The whole "suffering for fashion" idea goes right out the window when you realize that on your wedding day a bride will be on her feet pretty much all day long.  A lot of brides are opting for shoes with pops of brilliant color that express their personality much more than the traditional white heel ever could.  And the closed toe sensible pump is giving way to platform heels, slingbacks, peep toes, flats, cowboy boots, and even sneakers!  Because some girls are the most comfortable in 4" heels (hello Posh Beckham) and some girls need to be closer to the ground for comfort.  I'm all for this shoe diversity and I hesitate to call it a 'trend' because I don't think colorful, creative wedding shoes are going anywhere. So brides, being comfortable and stylish IS a total option on your big day.  It is also a cost saver if you already have a fantastic pair that you love!  You do not have to spend crazy money on shoes you won't wear again, you don't have to slip into flip flops half way through (unless you want to!) and you definitely don't have to wear the hideous creations above.  I've pulled a few images of the creative brides & their MVP's for the big day.  Enjoy!
The original trendsetter, Carrie Bradshaw (Mrs. Big). Source

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