Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

SO... today is my parents' 35th anniversary of wedded bliss. They tell me that the secret is a good sense of humor and marrying your best friend. I would probably not suggest the idea of a long sleeved dress in August, but my mom said that was the style. Women being slaves to current styling has always been an issue I guess. Which gives me an idea for wedding dresses of the ages. Ohhhh ok I'm getting excited and off subject all at once.

Thank you Mom & Dad for well, everything, but specifically for a great example of marriage, faith, and family. Enjoy these groooooovy pictures of the BEST wedding of 1975!

My mom looks so pretty! And young! She was 23.

My mom is the oldest of 7 kids and has 5 sisters. The bridesmaid with the cut off arm is a non-sibling. That'll show her to get in on family memories.

Holy hippy priest!

My mom's parents' backyard aka the reception site

My dad wore a reversible tie. You know its party time when...

Let them eat cake!!! On a hill.
My parents have their wedding invitation (orange! how 70s!) framed in their bedroom
The bridesmaid dresses' bouquet still preserved 35 years later!


  1. that is one wordy invitation...

  2. Congrats to your parents. Such a cute hippietastic wedding.