About Me

Hello!  Felicity C Weddings LLC is the brain child of me, Felicity Carmody, and I have wanted to be an event planner since I was (at least) 15 years old.  Felicity C Weddings LLC is a full service event planning company with 9 years planning experience and a driving passion for everything event related.  I specialize in weddings, tight budgets and event personalization.  I focus on events in Baltimore and in the surrounding areas of Maryland and in Delaware.

A million details together create one event and as a planner it is my job to make each and every one stylish.  I adore my job and love my clients so incredibly much.  I am so grateful to do what I love and my mission is to help and inspire as many people as I can reach.  This blog will showcase what Felicity C Weddings LLC is influenced by and hopes to send some ideas out into the world!