Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Barbie & Ken Get Married: A True Story

In July of last year the wedding industry was hit hard by one French photographer, Beatrice De Guigne. Don't recognize the name? Well there's a good chance that you already know her work. Beatrice rose to international fame with her genius idea of creating a photo shoot focused on what it would look like if Barbie & Ken got married. Within weeks, this creative, quirky and straight out awesome photo shoot went viral (it was featured on Glamour magazine's website in August and was featured on the official Barbie website in September).  After that, pretty much anyone who had any interest in weddings was sharing this over and over and over.

Skip to today when I was looking over my Google Reader scanning wedding blogs per usual and I saw that this photo shoot had resurfaced. This time I went looking for more, checking Beatrice's website to see if she had created any other Barbie & Ken photo shoots... and the answer is YES! Obviously the wedding photos are the most popular but Beatrice started all of this fantasticness in 2010 with Barbie boudoir photos (hilarious), adding along the way with ceremony and reception photos and as recently as this February she did a trash the dress shoot. She is based in France and even though her "English website" is mostly in French, I managed to pull the Barbie & Ken shoots all in one place. First William & Kate, now Barbie & Ken... I guess that fairy tales really DO come true! Enjoy!




artistic photos barbie BEE_0316

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Quick List: Memorial Day Celebrations

Memorial weekend 2012 is upon us in less than 24 hours.  Here are a few last minute tips to throwing a celebration that your family & friends will be talking about all summer long!

#1. Fun Printables.  These FREE party printables are great for any summer party but why not kick off the summer with a bang?!
FREE Printables: Summer Grilling Party / BBQ Party

#2. Patriotic Food & Drinks.  There are endless wonderful patriotic ideas, I have picked my top 3 for you based on creativity and cost effectiveness: American chips and salsa, healthy fruit skewer flag and star spangled s'mores.

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Patriotic Star Spangled Smores Bars {Recipe}

#3. Keeping the Party Going.  Make use of all the outdoor space which is the best part about entertaining in the summer months!  Get out all the games you have; cornhole, ring toss, horseshoes and even set up a baby pool for guests to cool off their feet.  For shindigs that continue into the late hours, break out the tiki torches.  And as always, make sure to stock up on the essentials (food, alcohol, propane, ice, etc.) since grocery stores will be closing early all weekend.  Enjoy & stay safe friends!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Quick List: The Latest Great Wedding Resources

The merging of technology into the wedding industry is not only unavoidable but totally necessary.  There are so many companies/ online resources that help couples do practically everything from tracking the to do list, budget updates, vendor checklists and my personal favorite are all the new apps available for couples and guests.  The resources I am featuring today are those that I have looked into and liked but have not used and I'm definitely not getting paid for advertising.  Just some new, creative companies that I think are worth looking into on your wedding planning journey.  Enjoy! 

#1. Upload Wedding Photos Live.  Wedding Snap is such great resource.  This company specializes in capturing and displaying all the photos your guests take on your wedding day.  They offer a FREE app that guests can utilize to upload directly from their phones or they can upload easily from their cameras onto one central password protected site.  While there are many photo album sites that already offer this service, this company is specifically wedding minded with the ability to upload a LIVE slide show as guest upload photos throughout the day.  Plus there is unlimited room for photos up to a year which is very generous. 

wedding snap sample card

Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspirational Couples

Every now and again while reading through hundreds of wedding blogs and articles, there are a special few couples that stick out as extraordinary.  Marriage is not only a committment between two people but a compromise of how to travel through life together.  I love when couples make their own path together, read on to be inspired.

The first amazing couple is traveling the world for TWO YEARS and having a marriage ceremony in each cool place they visit.  Alex & Lisa are awesome enough to keep a blog with updates and information, documenting their ceremonies in England, Quebec, Hawaii, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and they are still on their way!  You can keep up with them on their Facebook page, Twitter page and their YouTube account.