Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspirational Couples

Every now and again while reading through hundreds of wedding blogs and articles, there are a special few couples that stick out as extraordinary.  Marriage is not only a committment between two people but a compromise of how to travel through life together.  I love when couples make their own path together, read on to be inspired.

The first amazing couple is traveling the world for TWO YEARS and having a marriage ceremony in each cool place they visit.  Alex & Lisa are awesome enough to keep a blog with updates and information, documenting their ceremonies in England, Quebec, Hawaii, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and they are still on their way!  You can keep up with them on their Facebook page, Twitter page and their YouTube account.

The second remarkable couple is Vermont pair John & Eleanor who were profiled by the New York Times last fall.  They met in 1991 and after 18 years of living in different cities due to their set ideas of what they each like in a house, they came up with a genius idea- living in two houses... joined by a bridge!  This long term un-married couple is such an inspiration for making life work whichever way fits you best.   

The last fabulous couple is Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt.  Specifically due to this article that suggests Brad is taking over the wedding planning.  I really enjoy when grooms are a serious part of the wedding planning, it allows me to get to know the couple better and I can make sure that the groom is getting the kind of day he wants too.  And I've even notices that more and more grooms are excited to get involved, which is hopefully a permanent change not just a trend.  If you can get through wedding planning and the chaos it brings (budgets, family expectations, compromise, etc.) then you can get through anything.


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