Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Quick List: Fall Celebrity Weddings

Fall is undeniably the new wedding season.  Felicity C Weddings is smack in the middle of client weddings which has been equal parts amazing & crazy busy.  It seems that I am not alone, many celebrity wedding planners have been busy as well.  Here's a quick list of recent celebrity weddings.  Enjoy!

Molly Sims, Sept 25. Source
 Seth Rogan, Oct 1. Source

 Paul McCartney, Oct 9. Source

Nikki Reed, Oct 16. Source

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Inspiration Station: Spooktacular Party Ideas

Yep, I did use the word 'spooktacular' like some run of the mill haunted house advertisement.  But part of the fun of Halloween for me, a bonafide scaredy cat, is the campy nature of the holiday.  Corny & scary go hand in hand and with so many great party ideas out there, I wanted to share some of my favorites.  After reading so many posts with elaborate Halloween displays, I've decided to group together my favorite that are both low cost and easy DIY for decor & food/drinks.  I even included some FREE printable signs to add some pop to your party.  Enjoy!

#1. Marshmallow ghosts aka why didn't I think of this before

Halloween Ghost Treat Display

#2. Spooky candy bar
Spells and Potions Halloween Jar Labels

#3. Spiderweb dip- add sour cream on top of guacamole for the web by starting in the center & drawing lines out to each edge.  Then create the 'web' by drawing lines in a outward facing curve from line to line.  Finally, use knife to smooth down original lines from center out to the edges.  Piping the sour cream would work best.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Quick List: Bridal Market Deliciousness

I recently took the leap & joined Twitter (hello shameless plug, follow me @FelCWeddings).  Although I'm still getting my 'sea legs' and it is overwhelming pretty much every time I log in, I ADORE the instant access to New York's bridal market (or #bridalmarket for those in the know).  Bridal market is essentially the Fashion Week of the bridal industry with designer runway shows of their newest bridal gowns and fabulous parties for networking with all the creme de la creme of the bridal industry; Martha Stewart, Angel Sanchez, Colin Cowie,Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier just to name a few.  Wedding bloggers that I follow on Twitter have allowed me to live vicariously through them as the post runway & behind the scenes photos as well as exclusive party photos- even virtually attending Martha Stewart's party was pretty exciting.  Here are a few quick links to the full collections coming out this week.  Enjoy!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hitched!!! Fuller Wedding 5.28.11

I'm so EXCITED to bring you the professional pictures of the Fuller wedding on May 28, 2011!  Kevin & Dawn hired me as their day of coordinator and I had so much fun working with them!  The ceremony and reception took place at the Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City, MD which is where I met them in January at the TVR Bridal Extravaganza. 

Kevin & Dawn are a sweet, fun loving couple who work in the same building on different floors officially met while both stopped at a stoplight leaving work after seeing each other heading in to and leaving work for a few months.  And the rest is history!  Living outside of DC this couple loves to travel, go out on the town and spend time with their close knit families.  Since there were a lot of out of town family & friends joining the celebration, the full service Turf Valley Resort was the perfect place for this Memorial Day weekend wedding.  Now getting down to wedding details, the bride's makeup was done by Beauty N The Bride.  The whole day was captured by Drew of His and Her Photography who was a pleasure to work with and definitely has a passion for his work.  The ceremony was held in front of the gazebo on the beautifully manicured property on a perfect day and performed by Starlene Joyner Burns of SJB Ministries, LLCStereo Strings provided the ceremony music thanks to a talented trio who had a very personal connection, one of the musicians had taught the bride's sister years ago! 

The reception was held inside the Turf Valley Resort's Wedgewood Room and cocktail hour was held in the entry room to the Wedgewood with framed photos of the couple's engagement photos on display with the escort cards.  The room's beauty was enhanced by Blondell’s Accent on Events providing blue uplighting and a personalized gobo design (see photos below!) and the amazing floral arrangements were provided by My Flower Box Events LLC who never cease to amaze me.  This couple definitely has talented friends, Melvyn Prince of Prince Productions a long time friend was their DJ and kept the party going with infectious music all night long.  The Turf Valley Resort staff were so professional & on top of their game which included the delicious dinner.  As a sweet treat, the lovely & delectable wedding cake was provided by Debi's Cake Studio.  Last but not least, I need to thank my amazing event assistant, Kellie O'Connor, who made my life easier with all her hard work.  Once again, congrats again Mr. & Mrs. Fuller, it was a joy to work with you both and I wish you a lifetime of love!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guest Post: Why SO Serious? The Photography Trend Of Not Smiling

A lot of my post ideas come from other blogs I read.  When I came across this OffBeat Bride article, "Whatever You Do, DON'T SMILE", it was so intriguing that I had to send it to some photographers who I really admire to see their opinion.  And here is what I discovered, both photogs made really good points for each side.  If you are a couple who is unsure what direction you want to go for your wedding day photos, these two professionals break down the trend so you can decide what is best for you. Enjoy!

Lindsay Hite, ReadyLuck: I've been noticing that myself on the blogs too recently.  I say if it reflects the couple's personality (maybe a deadpan, or dry sense of humor), why not?  I think a big part of creating beautiful images that the couple will enjoy long after their wedding day is all about playing off of their vibe, and what's important to them.  Recently, I've made a few portraits with serious expressions, and they've been successful because they work as individual images, and in the context.  If the couple is bursting at the seams smiling, why try to stifle that- go with it!  Sometimes, if people have their "photo face" on and I can see in their eyes that their mind is elsewhere, I remind them that it's ok to relax and try to bring them back into the moment.  Bottom line, trends are trends but the images that are true to the couple will last.

Annabelle Dando, Annabelle Dando Photography: I think, unfortunately, in the process of creating "fine art photography" (which in and of itself has become a trend nowadays) some photographers have forgotten that their clients aren't just models in nice dresses/outfits and cool settings. Instead of remembering that they have been hired to document all the joy and bliss and love (and sometimes tears) that go along with a wedding, they see it as a production, almost, in which they are directing a "shoot" trying to up the ante and create something epic. While I'm all for epic photography, and I think it can have its place in a wedding, I think some photographers have got to remember that the clients don't want to look like models- they want to look like themselves, captured brilliantly. Yeah, models often do look miserable and "super-serious" in their fashion shoots, but if you look at mock wedding shoots set up by magazines or designers, the pictures never have the amazing energy that exists with people who are happy or in love. Sure, grab one or two serious shots, just to mix it up if you'd like, but I don't think it should be done in overkill.  Getting real smiles (or any type of real emotion) is the best part of being a photographer with a documentary instinct. To tell people to do the opposite of what they're feeling is to shoot yourself in the foot, in my opinion.  I have taken pictures that I love compositionally, but I doubt my subject will love how they look- so it doesn't end up in the "keep" pile.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Quick List: J. Crew Addition & Bridesmaids' Newest Option

As much as I have grown to enjoy blogging for Felicity C Weddings, I have noticed that there is a direct correlation between how busy I am with how many posts I can get out monthly.  Client meetings and vendor timelines will always come first obviously.  I don't even want to tell you how many started posts I have waiting in my queue to review, complete and actually post.  And it is not like the inspiration is slowing down, just my blogging time.  So here is my solution- quick mini posts so I can feel validated.  And here we go.

As mainstream stores and designers are getting in on the wedding action, wedding fashion has gotten to the point of always evolving and changing as quickly 'regular fashion'.  Anyone in the know is already aware of J. Crew's fabulous wedding collection of bridesmaid and bridal gowns.  Now J. Crew is a one stop shop to fulfill all your bridal needs as they have added a menswear collection!  The J. Crew wedding collection for the groom and wedding party is so well made and versatile that the clothing can be worn again and again which is great for your budget.

Another shot of awesome to wedding attire is the budget friendly trend of bridesmaids in skirtsGreen Wedding Shoes offers up a lovely amount of inspiration for this look.  At first glance this trend may seem better suited for more casual weddings but the sames rules apply; formality is determined by fabric, length, color and accessories.  So keep this as an option and have fun with the possibilities!  Enjoy!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Two Years or To Forever?

As much as I adore weddings and everything wedding related (decor! music! lighting! attire! jewels!), above all I really, really, really, adore and respect the institution of marriage.  In that same thought, I pride myself on working with 'marriage clients', not just 'wedding clients' as I love seeing couples focused on the life that starts beyond the big day.  Commitment means something different for each couple; some couples choose to elope after a few months, some waiting a few years and some couples remain monogamous without ever making the trip down the aisle (hello Goldie & Kurt, poster children of long term commitment).

The couples who do choose marriage do so knowing that they are choosing forever.  Well, that may be changing soon for some Mexican citizens. This week news broke that Mexico City is considering a 2 year marriage contract, which would allow newlyweds an 'easy exit' (the article's words, not mine) from their marriage.  If the couple is still happily together, they can choose to renew their marriage certificate.  Yes, I know that realistically the divorce rate in the US is 50% but I can't say that I think giving people an easy out will do anyone any favors.  Getting a tattoo just because you know you can get it removed by lasers in a few years is not a good reason to get a tattoo.  There will always be people who don't take marriage seriously (I'm looking at you, Britney Spears), but the basis of marriage is the whole 'for as long as you both shall live' part.  On the flip side I can see the advantage that not spending the time, energy and money on a divorce would present to couples.  If this law does pass, I'm super curious to see the results in the next few years.  I'd suggest at least some counseling before the couple decides not to renew their marriage certificate.  But I'm not the law, here or in Mexico. 

What do you think of this proposed law and do you think it should be an option in the US?  In Europe? Anywhere?  I know this is a political and religious issue, both topics I generally stay away from in a public forum.  But considering that it is specifically focusing on marriage and has the opportunity to effect many couples, I'm excited to see your thoughts!