Friday, April 27, 2012

The Quick List: Even More Gowns

Obviously I love all things wedding-centric and I especially get excited when more and more companies enter into the wedding industry.  The latest additions are Isaac Mizrahi for Kleinfeld's, British powerhouse company TopShop and BeBe.  Isaac and Bebe's lines are currently available and TopShop will be debuting in June... just in time for the summertime newly engaged!

Isaac Mizrahi V-Neck Mermaid Wedding Dress with Basque Waist in Silk Charmeuse. Bridal Gown Style Number:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wedding Or Party?

Go ahead... give your best guess!  Let me know how well you did on the FCW facebook page!

rustic vintage camp wedding
Wedding or party? Here is the answer.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party with a Vintage Twist
Wedding or party? Here is the answer.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wedding Parties Show Off Their Wild Side!

With all the protocol and decorum associated with weddings, they are still a day of fun and celebration.  For a lot of couples, having all their favorite people in one place is somewhat rare, so you better take advantage of all the photo ops!  One way is to stage funny groomsmen, bridesmaids and complete wedding party photos complete with props and silliness.  As always, make sure to give a heads up to your planner and photographer.  Here are a few I found online that had me cracking up, enjoy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Quick List: Designer Bridal Collections Spring 2013

It's that time again, all the most fabulous designers have debuted their spring 2013 bridal collections and they are so, so, so many fabulous gowns!  Without any further delay...

#1. Vera Wang.  Stunning as always and now doing bridal in red, check out the full collection here.

#2. Oscar de la Renta.  Elegant and edgy, check out the full collection here.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Remembrance Of Loved Ones

Many couples want to incorporate their loved ones into the big day and celebrating the life of those who have passed is no different.  There are various ways to highlight these loved ones in both the ceremony and reception, I have picked a few of my favorites ways for some inspiration. 

#1. Photos.  Probably the most common and the most diverse way to remember loved ones, photos can be used in many ways throughout the wedding day.  This bride kept her loved ones close by putting a photo locket on her wedding dress' belt while others choose to attach a photo locket to their bouquet.  Another way is to set up a special space at the reception with photos and rememberance candles, which a FCW client did for her wedding in April 2011. 

Williams wedding 4.2.11, photo credit: KRR Photography Ltd.

#2. Ceremony.  It is such a nice gesture to include a short note about all the loved ones both you and your future spouse will miss on this special day.  Another idea is to include any readings or songs that remind you of these people.  Some couples choose to incorporate rememberance into the wedding ceremony by set aside single white roses (or any flower you choose) to give to the direct family members of those who have passed on or simpy having a rememberance table.  If you have immediate family members who have passed on, leaving an empty chair is a powerful gesture.

#3. Reception.  Having a dessert bar?  Use some of your favorite family recipes and share Grandma/Mom/Aunt Becky's delicious treats with all your guests!  Favors are another special way to honor loved ones with a donation to a favorite charity or cause.  Some charities like the American Heart Association will even gift you special favor cards to explain to guests where the donation is going and why.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FCW Favorite Finds: April 2012

Keeping up with the wedding & event planning blogs feels like a full time job itself but the reward definitely is worth it.  I am so inspired daily by other event planners and real weddings that I have to share my favorite finds every now and again.  Enjoy!

How adorable are these handkerchief invitations!  Oh and the bride designed them herself.  Talk about a sweet keepsake. Frame this baby in a shadow box with other day of stationary and maybe a wedding photo- hello parent gifts!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy 3 Year Anniversary to FCW!

Today marks Felicity C Weddings LLC's third anniversary.  I officially started my company exactly one week after getting laid off from a corporate job in 2009.  I had planned weddings on the side of that corporate job and had been looking for full time event planning jobs when the lay off happened.  While most of my former co-workers were distraught over losing a stable, high paying job, I knew that there were no prospects in sight for what I wanted to do and decided to create an opportunity for myself.  Looking back now I realize how crazy I must have sounded telling my family & friends but it was sheer blind confidence that didn't allow me to see the crazy at the time.  I started my company without having taken one business class, no business plan and basically no idea what I was getting myself into at all.  What I did have was a passion for event planning, a couple years of experience and a stubborn determination to do what I loved.  I never dreamed of owning my own business but these past three years have been an incredible and invaluable learning experience. 

When I first started my company I remember having one of 'those days' when it seemed like everything was going wrong.  I was getting some work done at my parents' house and my mom could tell that I was stressed.  She told me about the life cycle of bamboo, that in the first couple of years it barely grows at all.  Then, around year 3 or 4 it shoots up into the tall, strong, beautiful bamboo we all think of typically.  It was the single best piece of advice anyone could have given me right then.  I often say that I "Forrest Gump'ed" my way through the first year of the business side; like many small business owners I paid too much for advertising, pushed to keep up with social media (I was SO intimidated by blogging when I first started!), crumbled under the stress of business accounting, abused my loved ones as free business consultants and experienced many never-ending days.  My car was towed in downtown Baltimore during a wedding reception (skip to: $310 in cash plus dragging my poor parents out of bed to retrieve said car), I have fired disappointing vendors & found new ones less than a month before the wedding and dealt with a vendor cancellation the day of the wedding... oh the stories I could tell you over a few beers. 

Setting a foundation then building my company has taken a lot of blood, sweat & tears but it is all worth it when I see an ecstatic couple on their wedding day.  I will never be anything less than humbled and thrilled to continue to see my company grow each year.  I am lucky enough to have a lot of clients that turned into new friends and I have had the opportunity to work with some truly spectacular vendors.  A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has made this dream possible for me!

*Photo credit: Lindsay Hite/ ReadyLuck, Diamond wedding 5.22.10, the first official wedding for FCW!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Guest Post: Military Bride Part 3

Welcome back to the third installment in a three part series of one military bride's story.  If you didn't catch the first two posts, here is the link to part 1 and the link to part 2.  Abby was a FCW client in October 2010 who has a pretty incredible story that started in a grocery store in Blacksburg, VA and ended up halfway across the world living in Guam.  She keeps updating her adventures on her blog, Seaweed & Sassafras, so check it out to see the latest.  This last post is about the formal wedding planning.  Enjoy!

We quickly settled into our little beachfront Condo. How many couples come home from work and walk the beach, or meet with friends to play volleyball? It was heaven. After a few months we decided we were ready to tackle planning a wedding. Now remember, Guam is a good 14 hours ahead of the East Coast, USA. So if it is noon in Maryland, it is 2am in Guam. Plane tickets cost about $2000 and it takes about 26 hours of flying to reach Maryland. It was obvious all of our planning was going to be done via internet and phone calls. After a few talks with my Mom, we realized we needed help; someone to help keep us organized and on track. Enter, Felicity. The first step was prioritizing what we needed to get done and when. We knew Chris would be deploying from November until June, so we started searching for a venue. Being 10,000 miles away from our venue meant no walk through for this girl. I had to trust in my heart to know it when I saw it. It helped to have Felicity and my parents visit the top choices and send me photos. I fell in love with Swan Harbor Farm the moment I saw it on the internet. It had sweeping lawns, grand old trees, overlooked the Chesapeake Bay, I swooned. We took whatever opening they had. In the mean time, Felicity and I would trade emails of decor ideas, colors, etc., trying to pinpoint some design elements. Chris and I share a mutual love for the outdoors and wildlife, so we decided to incorporate that into our theme.

When Chris deployed (for the first time) it was very hard, especially not living in the same country as my friends and family. But I did what every military wife has to do, pick up the pieces and make the best of it. We stayed in touch through email, a few port visits and just the anticipation of the day he would come home. He was always supportive, but let me make a lot of the decisions.

I was able to come home for the holidays. Three weeks turned into a whirlwind of wedding meetings. Felicity and I were finally able to sit down in person and talk through ideas, advice, tips, etc. This trip was also my only chance to find a wedding gown! There’s a little added pressure in finding a wedding dress knowing this is pretty much your only chance, but it didn’t take away from the special moment. We didn’t get everything done, but I left feeling like we had really made progress.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guy's Corner: Stylin' & Profilin'

There are so many ways for a groom to be both handsome and comfortable on the big day.  Modern day grooms and groomsmen have a plethora of options for wedding attire.  I've picked a few of my favorite personalized items to ensure stylish and happy men, enjoy! 

First up, if you like Converse then you might have already seen their newest design idea.  Converse's Create & Customize option allows brides and grooms to personalize wedding day chucks with names, dates and pretty much any words you want.   Check the site for specific pricing and order details, making sure you allow enough time for delivery without cutting it too close to the big day. 

For the groom & his guys who want a splash of awesome up top, Cyperoptix offers a wide range of colorful & awesome ties.  This is a great option for wedding attire that is right in between informal and formal.  Attire rules are less rigid now so don't be afraid to dress up suits with a pop of personalization.

Monday, April 2, 2012

FCW Favorite Finds: Beauty Posts

In my opinion it is always best to go with professionals on your wedding day for hair & make up.  However, there are so many pre-wedding events (engagement party, engagement photo session, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc.) that need extra styling, which could break your budget if you use a professional each time.  Luckily for brides, there are many resources online to help kick your game up a notch.  I've picked a few of my favorite recent beauty posts for brides to experiment with for the big days before the big day.  Enjoy!  

#1. Sweet halo braid.  This look has come a long way from Heidi references thanks to celebrities showing it off lately.  The Wedding Chicks give a great tutorial on how to halo your hair.

#2. False eyelashes.  Offbeat bride posted a great article on demystifying the technique of how to (correctly) apply false eyelashes.  This one gets me everytime and I'm very psyched to try this girl's advice.