Monday, July 9, 2012

The Quick List: Creative Save The Date Ideas

I was a bit conflicted writing this post because I am very against the wedding industry forcing couples to be competitive.  I want couples to be inspired by the creativity of the save the dates that I selected and look outside the box to choose a STD that is best for them.  I know, I totally just wrote STD.  It is actually a very acceptable term in the wedding world and it still makes me giggle a bit every time I use it.  Anyway, back to the save the date ideas... enjoy!

#1. You absolutely do not need a blockbuster budget, go simple and memorable! 


#2. Go old school and create a 3D message. 


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 Ways To Get This Look: Candle Table Votives

Here is a new feature on the blog that I'm pretty psyched about.  There is so much wedding inspiration and even better, there are so many ways to accomplish a look.  It is figuring out how to get the desired look that can be tough so in an effort to make the process easier, I'm showcasing a specific decor idea and as the title explained, 3 ways to get each look.  This first decor is candle table numbers.  Enjoy!

#1. Buy it.  I found these burlap votive holders on ChezRenee but I'm sure you can find numbered votives on any of the big craft sites.  Clearly you need to have an idea of how many tables you will be having and it is best to overestimate in this case.  The best part is that this is a hot ticket item and you can sell them after the wedding (or gift them to an engaged friend)!

#2. DIY part of this idea.  If you have a desire to personalize your votives with table numbers, names of cities, hobbies, or even use photos then this idea is for you.  Simple choose your votive, real candle or led candle and finally paper for the wrap.  You can buy wraps or make your own with vellum paper