Monday, July 9, 2012

The Quick List: Creative Save The Date Ideas

I was a bit conflicted writing this post because I am very against the wedding industry forcing couples to be competitive.  I want couples to be inspired by the creativity of the save the dates that I selected and look outside the box to choose a STD that is best for them.  I know, I totally just wrote STD.  It is actually a very acceptable term in the wedding world and it still makes me giggle a bit every time I use it.  Anyway, back to the save the date ideas... enjoy!

#1. You absolutely do not need a blockbuster budget, go simple and memorable! 


#2. Go old school and create a 3D message. 


#3. Take advantage of holiday photo ops!

#4. Who doesn't love some unexpected confetti?!  

#5. This is one of my favorite all time STD ideas- creative, informative and totally unexpected fun factor!

#6. Give your guests a fun accessory to wear on your wedding day!

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