Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fresh Off The Press: Delaware Bride Fall/Winter 2010

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm so excited to announce that Felicity C Weddings is being featured in the current Delaware Bride Magazine!  The article titled "Sweat This & Not That" is about the 5 things a bride should focus on during wedding planning/on the big day and the 5 things a bride should not stress over.  If you are local to the area, definitely pick up a copy (on sale now) because in addition to this stellar planning advice, there is so much amazing information for brides in this magazine!  Enjoy!  

 - Fall/Winter 2010 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Happy Medium

It's a fact: more and more unmarried couples are choosing to delay marriage because of the economy and lack of jobs around the country.  Which definitely makes sense and I do applaud the logical thinking in lieu of crazy credit card debt.  I do believe that the "poorer" in the vows of "for richer & poorer" should not start on your wedding day.  But there is a happy medium between a credit credit bonanza and not having a wedding at all.  I know many of my brides are cost-conscious which has really inspired them to be creative with their wedding.  This really has been a positive effect; the best creativity I've ever seen from my clients and on different blogs is because of this recession.  It is all very "necessity is the mother of invention" kind of effect.  Which is pretty great because I will take creativity over throwing your money at an old idea

If you are a bride who is not sure how to stretch your every dollar, you are in luck.  There are multiple blogs from real brides and wedding experts who are chronicling exactly how to make the most of a modest budget.  Blogs such as this one, that one, this budget breakdown, and oh yeah this one.  There are a few basic strategies to keeping the budget low, but there is no doubt that beautiful weddings are being had across the US for half the cost you'd think and twice the awesome.  Don't believe me? Check out the amazing photos of some (less than!) $10,000 weddings.  Enjoy!



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The A,B,C's of Engagement Photos

The idea of engagement shoots is a fairly new trend. Gaining popularity in the past 5 years or so, an engaged couple will schedule a separate photo shoot with their photographer anywhere from 3-9 months ahead of the wedding date.  This photo shoot will solely feature the couple and there is a lot of room for creativity with the location, props, and theme.  These pictures can be featured on the Save The Dates, on the couple's wedding website, and at the wedding if the couple wants framed pictures incorporated in the decor.  

Now a lot of couples initially think that e-photos have to be formal and serious, but the only rule is that there are no rules!  I know plenty of brides that we have all seen e-photos of a couple gazing in each other's eyes in some meadow and decided that is not for them.  This really is a fun opportunity that you probably won't have again.  I would definitely recommend figuring out your vision with your photographer ahead of time and to incorporate your interests and personalities into the shoot.  There is SO much room for personalization, so follow your ABC's- always be creative!

If this is something that tickles your fancy, I recommend checking out this post for basic guidelines/a starting place.  Here are some e-photos that may give you some inspiration.  Enjoy! 






And I saved my favorite for last, care of charm city bride blog:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wacky Wedding Photos

Some are cute, some are crazy and a few are just plain OUT THERE!  ENJOY!  

Image: Flickr  

Image: Flickr 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guy Corner: Asking Your Friends To Be In Your Wolfpack*

So, the idea that guys don't care at all about weddings or any of the planning is false.  Absolutely.  Most of my grooms DO care intensely about 3 things: the food/ the bar, the music, and the groomsmen.  Which makes total sense because that is what they remember from the weddings they have been to and those areas will make or break a wedding for most men.  I posted about Allison Kornberg and her "plan my wedding" blog which is a super cool idea.  Well, upon more research/ blog stalking, I found that her fiancé has a few posts on the blog too, from his perspective.  I love his first post the most though.  He details how he asked his friends to be his groomsmen.  Which is something that some guys may prefer to do over Monday Night Football wings & beer and some guys may want to make a big deal out of, like Allison's fiancé. Here is a peek:

I love this because it is simple (read: non-intimidating to most guys) but still is doing something different for the men that the groom is asking to stand beside him on the biggest day of his life.  A lot of brides are being creative when asking their bridesmaids and I'm just a big fan of making an event of something pretty much anytime.  When I put this question out on the Felicity C Weddings facebook page, all the responses were the same; the men were super casual and just issued a phone call.  There was one recent bride (who was a FCW client) that said her now husband asked his best man & groomsman in person and used it as guy bonding time.  I am not saying that every guy should give presents or plan a big event, but it is a good excuse to have all the guys get together.  The possibilities are endless from a buying a slot of time for all the guys at a batting cage or for a paintball session to a night out on the town.  Whatever the method, grooms should know that they are allowed to make some big decisions and this is only the first of many during planning.   If all else fails, check out this funny "will you be my groomsman?" card:

* The 'wolfpack' reference is from "The Hangover".  If you have not seen it, it is hilarious although highly inappropriate.  It is about a bachelor party gone horribly and hilariously wrong in Las Vegas.  Mom, if you are reading this, do NOT watch this movie and just take my word for it. Ok thanks.

Monday, September 20, 2010

After The Wedding: Anniversaries

It is very easy for couples and their families to get caught up in the wedding planning process and not think much about after the wedding.  Of course the marriage is for a lifetime, but beyond the items on the gift registry that should be used for a good number of years, the wedding anniversary can just become an excuse to go out to dinner after a few years. The excitement of your wedding day should always be remembered, especially on anniversaries.  But going through your guest book to read the warm wishes and advice from friends and family each year may lose its charm after a few anniversaries.

Enter Happily Ever AfterWords.  This idea is as brilliant as it is thoughtful- there are cards for anniversaries 1-50 which guests are asked to fill out, put in its envelope and put into the box.  The cards can be mailed to the guests with the invitation (Pro: guests have time to write a meaningful note, con: guests may lose or forget to bring card to wedding) or you can have the cards and box set up on a table at the reception.  Each anniversary, the couple reaches into the box and reads the card with the corresponding year.  HOW GREAT!  This is something new to look forward to each year with your spouse and you can even start a new book to keep each year's message.  This amazing gift is something personalized and really is the gift that keeps on giving.  A great idea for any engaged couples you may know.

To add my personal spin on things, I love the idea of the bride and groom taking time in the weeks before their wedding to write each other a couple of letters to be opened on their 1st, 5th, and 20th anniversaries.  They can write what they wish for each other, where they expect their lives to be at that point, or any personal messages.  Hope some of this can inspire you.  Enjoy! 

Anniversary Box


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Green is the New Black

So we all know that "going green" is the new trend.  I hesitate to call it a trend because even though I have a lot to learn still about being eco-friendly, I do hope this movement is not going anywhere.  I applaud couples who make green choices concerning their wedding, mostly since I am way too practical to pay for a lot of stuff that will be thrown away after the wedding.  Also, as a planner it is my responsibility to be up to date on everything in the wedding industry and to be able to meet all my clients' needs.  My first 'green couple' really sparked my interest in the movement and after a ton of research, I found that going green with your wedding details is not even noticeable to the average guest if you don't want it to be.  There are so many options and companies focusing on solely green products available to today's couples.  Just a few wonderful finds; stationary on seeded paper so it can be planted after the wedding and dresses that are so light, airy, and beautiful that you would NEVER know were made of hemp.

So now I am always on the lookout for new green ideas & resources.  I was super excited to find the Green Bride Guide, an online planning resource for all things eco-wedding related.  Tools are separated into categories; learn, plan, shop, listen and share.  Planning help includes a carbon-calculator and information on planning a green honeymoon. A bonus is also their online store offers free carbon-neutral shipping with every purchase!

So if you are interested in learning about ways to make your big day more "green" or are looking for some amazing eco-friendly inspiration, this is definitely a must-see website.  Enjoy!

Brown and Green Wedding with Succulents

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stess-Free Planning!

I found it!  It exists!  Besides hiring me of course, there is one other way.  Plan someone else's wedding that you have never met by choosing everything from the dress to the favors.   What? Where? How?  This is the brainchild of an L.A. Times assistant editor, Allsion Kornberg.  She started a blog to have the general public help her make very important decisions and it has worked!  In the first post Allison gave a brief description of her relationship, announced that she had gotten engaged on March 23, 2010 and she ended the post with this plea,

"PLEASE HELP ME PLAN MY WEDDING!  Yes, you. Whoever is out there reading this right now, I need you to vote on options for everything from my hair style to the honeymoon and everything in between. Don't worry. I already called my fiancé, and he's in for this wild ride. We won't call the shots. You will. Just call me the AB: the anti-bridezilla." Source

And so it began.  I just recently found out about this awesomeness and have been pouring over all the posts; choosing their china pattern, the wedding theme, bridal party attire, her wedding month, and so much more.  Obviously, Allison narrows the options down and then lets everyone know the winners like this recent post:

"It's official! My girls will be walking down the aisle in the one-shoulder Joanna August dress you picked! Thanks a bill to all of you who voted. I can't believe how fast this is all going! Lots of love and happy weekend, Allison"

So this may be WAY too far out for most brides.  It definitely is as intimidating as it is liberating.  Whether this is your style or not, there is something intriguing about this idea.  I love that Allison is a bride that is able to truly keep track of the important stuff during planning, like the fact that at the end of the day a wedding is the start of a marriage and most guests won't remember your napkin color.  Cheers to Allison & fiancé for focusing on the most important detail of the day- each other!

PS- Would ever DARE let the general public help plan your wedding?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hitched!!! Fehnel Wedding 6.26.10

I'm THRILLED to bring you the professional pictures of the Fehnel wedding from June 26, 2010.  I've known Jess for about a year and half and her beautiful summer wedding was so perfect for her and Brian.  The ceremony and reception took place at the Delaware Center for Horticulture in Wilmington, DE and the couple added so many amazing personal details.  All of which were captured by Clair Pruett Photography's photographer Dan who was a pleasure to work with and definitely had a passion for his work.  Now, back to those amazing details.

Jess & Brian are a sweet, laid back couple who enjoy their life in Wilmington with their adorable dog Cleo, working on their house, and hanging out with friends.  The DCH is a perfect setting for this "green" couple with a gorgeous backdrop of the center's gardens.  (I wouldn't expect anything else from Jess, who was voted one of the best recyclers in Delaware last year!)  The ceremony was held under the pavilion behind the DCH.  Although it was a hot, HOT day, the guests stayed cool inside the DCH lobby until ceremony time and the thoughtful couple had iced bottles of water in buckets waiting for the guests outside of the pavilion.

The reception was held inside the DCH's main room and guests were free to wander around the whole facility; the gardens, the reception room, the lobby, the art gallery, and the front patio of the DCH which is encased by a high brick wall giving events privacy without boxing anyone in.  The lobby had the bar as well as two  favor stations; a table of hand-made limoncello bottles from the groom's aunt and potted plants grown by the groom himself along with gift bags to carry everything.   Jess & Brian also had boxes ready for their delicious SAS Cupcakes cupcake tower which guests could choose to take away as a 3rd favor.  The dinner buffet was set up in the art gallery and the food & service from Wilmington's Gallagher & Gallagher Catering was phenomenal.  DJ Noj of Anson Audio kept the guests happy and on their feet all night long as evidenced by the pictures below (hello conga line!).  The whole day and night were full of love, family, and friends.  I saw Jess & Brian a few weeks ago, and marriage definitely looks good on them!  Congrats again Mr. &Mrs. Fehnel!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sneak Peek- Holmes Ceremony & Reception Sites

I just realized that I never posted the ceremony & reception site pictures from my visit with the bride last November!  And now we're just about 5 weeks away from the big day!  Here is a collage of the best pics I took during the site visits.  This is a huge wedding of 325 focusing on family, friends, music, and downtown Baltimore...what is there NOT to love?!  

The ceremony will be at St. Matthews United Church and the reception is at the AVAM (American Visionary Arts Museum) in Federal Hill.  The wonderful couple are both talented musicians, between the two of them they are always on the move with directing the Maryland boy's choir, teaching voice lesson, directing a theater company just for starters!!  So obviously music is a huge component of this celebration.  Not only is there a jazz band for the reception, but a bagpiper for the ceremony recessional & to send guests off to the reception site!  I'm particularly exciting about all the personal details that we have planned... but for now I will leave you with these site pictures.  Enjoy!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Celebrity Weddings: The One Everyone Remembers

October 26, 2002 is a date you don't remember.  But if you are of my generation (born in the late 70's to early 80's) and you are female, you certainly remember the iconic images of Jessica Simpson's wedding.  I was in college at the time and already an avid collector of bridal magazines.  I actually kept the tear out pages of my collection from high school and college until last year when I realized that these images are online now... and that the pages smelled.  Of the dozens of pages I had kept over the years, I really didn't want to throw these pictures away.  I feel like I have some emotional attachment to these pictures because I can remember so clearly looking at their wedding album in InStyle Weddings issue and knowing without a doubt that I wanted to be a wedding planner.  I wanted to create an amazing day like theirs for other people.

I've seen plenty of celebrity wedding photos over the years and yet the nuptials of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey will always be on the top of my list.  Which is kind of weird considering that I was never a true fan of Jessica Simpson, her music or her personal life.  And while it was a gorgeous wedding, these are not the colors, theme, dress, or details I imagine for my wedding.  But, I think like many girls my age who saw the same images I did 8 years ago, I was captivated by the glowy perfection and true love radiating from Jess & Nick's big day.   Its like this wedding was the embodiment of what every girl imagined for herself- perfection.  So, while I love your wedding album Jess & Nick, this truly is a case of "its not you, its me".  Enjoy!