Thursday, September 16, 2010

Green is the New Black

So we all know that "going green" is the new trend.  I hesitate to call it a trend because even though I have a lot to learn still about being eco-friendly, I do hope this movement is not going anywhere.  I applaud couples who make green choices concerning their wedding, mostly since I am way too practical to pay for a lot of stuff that will be thrown away after the wedding.  Also, as a planner it is my responsibility to be up to date on everything in the wedding industry and to be able to meet all my clients' needs.  My first 'green couple' really sparked my interest in the movement and after a ton of research, I found that going green with your wedding details is not even noticeable to the average guest if you don't want it to be.  There are so many options and companies focusing on solely green products available to today's couples.  Just a few wonderful finds; stationary on seeded paper so it can be planted after the wedding and dresses that are so light, airy, and beautiful that you would NEVER know were made of hemp.

So now I am always on the lookout for new green ideas & resources.  I was super excited to find the Green Bride Guide, an online planning resource for all things eco-wedding related.  Tools are separated into categories; learn, plan, shop, listen and share.  Planning help includes a carbon-calculator and information on planning a green honeymoon. A bonus is also their online store offers free carbon-neutral shipping with every purchase!

So if you are interested in learning about ways to make your big day more "green" or are looking for some amazing eco-friendly inspiration, this is definitely a must-see website.  Enjoy!

Brown and Green Wedding with Succulents

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