Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guy Corner: Asking Your Friends To Be In Your Wolfpack*

So, the idea that guys don't care at all about weddings or any of the planning is false.  Absolutely.  Most of my grooms DO care intensely about 3 things: the food/ the bar, the music, and the groomsmen.  Which makes total sense because that is what they remember from the weddings they have been to and those areas will make or break a wedding for most men.  I posted about Allison Kornberg and her "plan my wedding" blog which is a super cool idea.  Well, upon more research/ blog stalking, I found that her fiancé has a few posts on the blog too, from his perspective.  I love his first post the most though.  He details how he asked his friends to be his groomsmen.  Which is something that some guys may prefer to do over Monday Night Football wings & beer and some guys may want to make a big deal out of, like Allison's fiancé. Here is a peek:

I love this because it is simple (read: non-intimidating to most guys) but still is doing something different for the men that the groom is asking to stand beside him on the biggest day of his life.  A lot of brides are being creative when asking their bridesmaids and I'm just a big fan of making an event of something pretty much anytime.  When I put this question out on the Felicity C Weddings facebook page, all the responses were the same; the men were super casual and just issued a phone call.  There was one recent bride (who was a FCW client) that said her now husband asked his best man & groomsman in person and used it as guy bonding time.  I am not saying that every guy should give presents or plan a big event, but it is a good excuse to have all the guys get together.  The possibilities are endless from a buying a slot of time for all the guys at a batting cage or for a paintball session to a night out on the town.  Whatever the method, grooms should know that they are allowed to make some big decisions and this is only the first of many during planning.   If all else fails, check out this funny "will you be my groomsman?" card:

* The 'wolfpack' reference is from "The Hangover".  If you have not seen it, it is hilarious although highly inappropriate.  It is about a bachelor party gone horribly and hilariously wrong in Las Vegas.  Mom, if you are reading this, do NOT watch this movie and just take my word for it. Ok thanks.

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