Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Happy Medium

It's a fact: more and more unmarried couples are choosing to delay marriage because of the economy and lack of jobs around the country.  Which definitely makes sense and I do applaud the logical thinking in lieu of crazy credit card debt.  I do believe that the "poorer" in the vows of "for richer & poorer" should not start on your wedding day.  But there is a happy medium between a credit credit bonanza and not having a wedding at all.  I know many of my brides are cost-conscious which has really inspired them to be creative with their wedding.  This really has been a positive effect; the best creativity I've ever seen from my clients and on different blogs is because of this recession.  It is all very "necessity is the mother of invention" kind of effect.  Which is pretty great because I will take creativity over throwing your money at an old idea

If you are a bride who is not sure how to stretch your every dollar, you are in luck.  There are multiple blogs from real brides and wedding experts who are chronicling exactly how to make the most of a modest budget.  Blogs such as this one, that one, this budget breakdown, and oh yeah this one.  There are a few basic strategies to keeping the budget low, but there is no doubt that beautiful weddings are being had across the US for half the cost you'd think and twice the awesome.  Don't believe me? Check out the amazing photos of some (less than!) $10,000 weddings.  Enjoy!



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