Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stess-Free Planning!

I found it!  It exists!  Besides hiring me of course, there is one other way.  Plan someone else's wedding that you have never met by choosing everything from the dress to the favors.   What? Where? How?  This is the brainchild of an L.A. Times assistant editor, Allsion Kornberg.  She started a blog to have the general public help her make very important decisions and it has worked!  In the first post Allison gave a brief description of her relationship, announced that she had gotten engaged on March 23, 2010 and she ended the post with this plea,

"PLEASE HELP ME PLAN MY WEDDING!  Yes, you. Whoever is out there reading this right now, I need you to vote on options for everything from my hair style to the honeymoon and everything in between. Don't worry. I already called my fiancé, and he's in for this wild ride. We won't call the shots. You will. Just call me the AB: the anti-bridezilla." Source

And so it began.  I just recently found out about this awesomeness and have been pouring over all the posts; choosing their china pattern, the wedding theme, bridal party attire, her wedding month, and so much more.  Obviously, Allison narrows the options down and then lets everyone know the winners like this recent post:

"It's official! My girls will be walking down the aisle in the one-shoulder Joanna August dress you picked! Thanks a bill to all of you who voted. I can't believe how fast this is all going! Lots of love and happy weekend, Allison"

So this may be WAY too far out for most brides.  It definitely is as intimidating as it is liberating.  Whether this is your style or not, there is something intriguing about this idea.  I love that Allison is a bride that is able to truly keep track of the important stuff during planning, like the fact that at the end of the day a wedding is the start of a marriage and most guests won't remember your napkin color.  Cheers to Allison & fiancé for focusing on the most important detail of the day- each other!

PS- Would ever DARE let the general public help plan your wedding?

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