Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Barbie & Ken Get Married: A True Story

In July of last year the wedding industry was hit hard by one French photographer, Beatrice De Guigne. Don't recognize the name? Well there's a good chance that you already know her work. Beatrice rose to international fame with her genius idea of creating a photo shoot focused on what it would look like if Barbie & Ken got married. Within weeks, this creative, quirky and straight out awesome photo shoot went viral (it was featured on Glamour magazine's website in August and was featured on the official Barbie website in September).  After that, pretty much anyone who had any interest in weddings was sharing this over and over and over.

Skip to today when I was looking over my Google Reader scanning wedding blogs per usual and I saw that this photo shoot had resurfaced. This time I went looking for more, checking Beatrice's website to see if she had created any other Barbie & Ken photo shoots... and the answer is YES! Obviously the wedding photos are the most popular but Beatrice started all of this fantasticness in 2010 with Barbie boudoir photos (hilarious), adding along the way with ceremony and reception photos and as recently as this February she did a trash the dress shoot. She is based in France and even though her "English website" is mostly in French, I managed to pull the Barbie & Ken shoots all in one place. First William & Kate, now Barbie & Ken... I guess that fairy tales really DO come true! Enjoy!




artistic photos barbie BEE_0316

wedding barbie ken  mariage BK-172

wedding barbie ken  mariage BK-239

wedding barbie ken  mariage BK-319

Barbie Ken wedding trash the dress BEE_7817

Barbie Ken wedding trash the dress BEE_7827

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