Sunday, June 3, 2012

Top 3 Biggest Avoidable Mistakes At A Wedding

I have been to many, many, many weddings.  Probably even more than your one friend who had like, oh my God, 15 weddings to go to that one year.  My job as a wedding planner is to not only map out the logistics but let my clients know what their wedding day will really be like.  Which is to say that aside from all the wonderful loving feelings, it is a LONG day that has a few keys areas you won't anticipate but that I can help with of course.  Here are my top 3 things that people don't realize that they need to know for the big day.  And since my clients are the most awesome people ever, I am using their photos as examples of what to do. Enjoy!

#1. Say your vows loudly enough for everyone to hear, even the nosebleed seats.  Time and time again, the number one guest criticism of ceremonies is not that they can run long but that the vows were very hard to hear.  This of course can be fixed by one of two things; microphones or talking loudly.  The majority of the time microphones are not included or only set up for the officiant.  Which means that the couple needs to remember to speak louder than normal.  Yes, it will feel awkward but if your guests can't hear your vows, they won't feel as connected to all the intense emotion between the two of you.  And then everyone misses out.  
Photo Credit: Thomas Graves Photography

#2. NEVER EVER clap with a microphone in your hand. EVER.  Anyone who has seen this in action can attest to the cringing feeling this can bring on, at least it does for me.  If you are handed a mic at a wedding then you are either the newly married couple or someone giving a toast.  In both cases, you do not need to clap when you say "let's give so and so a hand", just saying that line is your metaphoric clapping.  And while we are discussing mic's, please resist the urge to talk with your hands.  The sound will go in and out which is distracting, not allowing everyone to take in the full emotion of what you are conveying. 

Photo Credit: Perskie Photographics & Design

#3. Let your guests know that you appreciate them.  All guests want to congratulate and take photos with the happy couple.  Whether you decide to welcome guests after the ceremony or during the cocktail hour, visit each guest table during dinner hour (after you both eat of course) or just make rounds on the dance floor, make sure that you stick to your plan for welcoming guests.  Great food and fun music is lovely but your guests travel to see you and making sure that they do is a top priority.      

Both Photo Credit: Be Photography LLC

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