Thursday, August 19, 2010

Latest Trend: Rustic/ Country Themed Weddings

Every couple of years there is a new trend in weddings.  Sometimes its a small trend, such as the now infamous & always delicious "candy bars" which started around 2007.  But I have noticed that the theme of weddings has also taken a turn in the past year or so towards two main styles that are pretty close in detail: earthy/ natural and rustic/country weddings.  Which makes sense because it is the total opposite of weddings 4-5 years ago that were more streamlined and classic.  I love that the wedding industry is constantly evolving and I think its all for the best.  Theses two styles definitely overlap and if you have been to weddings this year, you most likely have seen some of this inspiration: mason jars & milk vases as centerpieces with flowers as well as floral arrangements that are more organic (not so stiff & perfect), just to name a few.  The idea is a softer approach to the wedding design, which translates into seeking outdoor venues versus hotels and country clubs, lots of candles to create a "glowy" feeling, more informal dress (bride, groom and bridal party)/ informal table settings, and a lot more personalized signage throughout the ceremony & reception all of which creates a small intimate feel than a huge event.

The best trend in the past 10 years (I've been collecting wedding magazines since I was 16) in my opinion that I've seen is the move towards more and more attention to detail and personalization.  Couples are creating weddings with what they actually want, not just what they think they should have.  This year alone I have a jazz band in lieu of a DJ, 2 weddings with bag pipers, and multiple weddings with cupcake towers instead of the traditional wedding cake.  Not that any of those particular details are typical of a rustic/ country wedding, but it just shows that couples now are truly free to incorporate whatever they want for their big day.

Now back to this topic.  A lot of people enjoy the natural style and weddings ultimately SHOULD be an extension of the couples' style.  I wonder how weddings will be styled in 5 more years?  Here are some pictures to brighten your day!  Enjoy!

Amber Events Candy Buffet
The ever popular candy bar. Source
Rustic/ Natural Wedding Inspiration. Source

Barn Wedding 5

Barn Wedding 3

California Local Food Wedding
Country/ Rustic Wedding Inspiration. Source
Country Wedding 6

Country Wedding 2


  1. I went to a wedding were the bride chose black/white & green for the color scheme. B/W was totally classic. The green made it earthy and friendly. They made and canned blackberry jam in sweet little jars for favors. Personal, earthy and wonderfully memorable.
    Nice article, Felicity!

  2. Thanks Aunt Carol! Trends come and go but my goal is to make sure that each bride has exactly what she wants and that everything is a reflection of the couple's style. I LOVE LOVE black & white with green pops of color. LOVE.