Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book Making Made Easy!

As much as I love scouring the internet for new ideas, I equally love when my brides turn me onto something new.  One of my DIY (do it yourself/ hands on crafty types) brides recently told me about which is a website/ company that helps people create their own books.  I know there are some programs that you can buy to do this, but for someone who is not overly technically savvy like me, this site is perfect! ha stheir own software (Book Smart) that you can download for free which has a bunch of different templates for photo books, portfolios, business books, wedding books, blog books (converting your blog into a book) and actual books.

My bride is going to make a guest book for her wedding with photos of her & her fiance filled with pictures of them with blank pages for signing in the front and back of the book.  THIS I love.  As a planner, I am always looking for new ideas for guest books that will actually be read after the wedding day.  Creating a photo book is also a great gift for parents and the bridal party.  And of course, the couple can make their own book with their professional pictures which is a great way of reliving their big day a month or two afterwards.

I started my own book, a portfolio for Felicity C Weddings this week but it is far from done.  I'm so excited even though my last wedding of the year is not until Thanksgiving weekend so I won't be able to finish the book until I get those professional photos back.  When the portfolio is finished, I will definitely show some pages on here.  Until then, here is a link to a the book examples page and a here is a preview of the look book from the fabulous hat making company, Two Back Flats:

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  1. Yay!! Thanks for the link love!! This is such a great option for brides!! I loved using Blurb!!