Thursday, January 6, 2011

Warm weather, sun, light breeze, and go!

If "location, location, location" is the real estate agent's mantra, then "weather, weather, weather" is the wedding planner's mantra for outdoor weddings.  Actually, even if the ceremony & reception are indoors, couples will still be outside for pictures and possibly transportation.  No bride wishes for rain, wind, or cold weather obviously, but if you are a bride who has her heart set on an outdoor wedding, weather is going to be a huge factor.  Enter, which is a weather website that allows you to see the weather history for locations.  It goes back to 2008 but I have already used it for my 2011 wedding clients to check on 2010 weather to get an idea of the weather for their big day.

Another great tip is to talk to your venue about the weather for your date the year before.  The site coordinators who work weddings year round have a pretty good memory of weather month to month.  Certain months can be predictable but it is always good to have rain plan with your site and your planner.  As I've heard from all of my brides, once you get close to your wedding, it is pretty impossible not to check the 10 day forecast.  But even if the forecast is calling for less than ideal weather, hold off the panic.  Weather is constantly changing and you really should only take the forecast 2-3 days seriously.  If it is going to be hot, hot, hot make sure you can rent air conditioning machines for your outdoor tent, the ceremony site is air conditioned, and that there is water on hand for guests as well as the wedding party.

Lastly, if you do end up with some heat, rain or wind, all you can do is embrace it.  For the Diamond wedding on May 22, 2010, leading up to the wedding and the whole morning it was forecasted to start raining at 4pm, the start time of their outdoor ceremony.  Jen was such a cool bride and left it up to me to make the call since we had a rain plan set.  Luckily the sun came out and the rain held off for their beautiful ceremony.  Funny enough, the rain held out right until the couple had finished the cocktail hour photos and I was ready to introduce the wedding party to the reception.  Literally as the last person stepped inside the reception building it started to pour.  Hope this has eased your mind brides!  Enjoy!
  Diamond wedding- we got some amazing pictures before the rain set in!

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