Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thank You, 2010

This is the time of year that most people to reflect on the past year of their life.  After the amazing ride that 2010 gave Felicity C Weddings, I couldn't help but reflect on the first full year of my event & wedding planning company. Here are my reflections.

High's: I love, love, love that I was able to be a part of 8 weddings this year!  Eight couples that vowed to love, honor and cherish each other forever and they allowed me to plan one of the biggest days of their life!  I love that I found clients through wedding blogs, Facebook, friends, and advertising.  I love that every wedding I planned (day of coordination, partial planning or full planning) was different and I learned so much each time.  I met and worked with a lot of vendors and gained a deep appreciation for the ones that stood out as amazing vendors.  Among the planning that stands out, I planned a wedding for a couple living in Guam (a 14 hour time difference!) and the bride only visited the states one time in the 16 month planning period.  Also, I planned a September wedding in 8 weeks.  Over the year, I was able to get over my intimidation of blogging and began to post regularly (average 12 times/month) and even more amazing, when I posted the blogs to the Felicity C Weddings Facebook page, people actually read my posts!!  Speaking of the FCW page, as of today it is at 278 'fans' and growing which blows.my.mind. 

Low's: Unfortunately, with all the great high's of the year, there were a few lows.  Starting my own business from scratch has been a great learning process to say the least.  Trying to balance my personal time with my company has been a pendulum swinging in both directions but I think I do have a better hold on balance as 2010 came to a close.  I think the biggest low of 2010 was working with vendors who did not have my clients' best interests in mind.  I really learned this year that what vendors are really offering clients (myself included) is 50% actual service and 50% customer service.  Overall, every little obstacle that I came across taught me something new and I feel very ready to bring on a new year of weddings & events.

My goals for 2011 is to keep researching, blogging, expanding, and of course to continue planning- in short to keep learning.  Once again, thank you so much to all the family, friends, clients, vendors, and 'fans' that support Felicity C Weddings.  You have truly made my dreams come true.  I haven't gotten all the professional photos back yet but here are some of my fantastic 2010 clients.  I am posting ceremony pictures only because that is why I do what I do- love.  Enjoy!      

Diamond Wedding 5.22.10
Photo credit: Lindsay MacDonald Weddings
Fehnel Wedding 6.26.10
Photo credit: Clair Pruett Photography

Barton Wedding 9.11.10
Photo credit: Sparkle Photography

Ford Wedding 9.25.10
Photo credit: Procopio Photography

Himes Wedding 10.3.10
Photo credit: Jacqueline Schlossman Photodocumentary

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