Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Goals

2012 new years party brunchThe new year is officially in swing and kicking us into 2012.  I truly believe in setting an goal with an action plan versus just a one line 'resolution' that is a wish or a hope. I have to confess that in December I was already excited to start 2012 and mentally calculating my personal & professional goals.

Maybe it's the event planner in me, but I like to take my time to focus about the end goals, work backwards to create an action plan to keep myself accountable.  My series of questions go like this: My goal is ______________.  In the past 6 months, I have _____________ and I have not ___________________ to meet my goal which resulted in _____________.  I need to change ___________ to improve & hit my goal.  The hard part is being honest enough to admit that there are real reasons to explain why you have not hit your goal yet.  The great part is when you find out what you can change so you can achieve your goal.  

After I created a goals outline, I was very inspired by the simplicity of having three key words as a goal guide for the new year.  I got this idea from following Austin event planner Camille Styles, here is the post on her first word, second word and third word.  My 3 words are for my entire life but applicable to my company as well.  Motivation, focus and balance.  I want these three words to serve as an abbreviated reminder of my full goals outline.  As I am working on a task; what is the end goal to motivate me, what is my focus for this task and am I keeping a balance in my overall activities?  I encourage you to think about your life goals for this year, work backwords to create an action plan and then think of three words that embody your overall goals to keep you going day to day.  Here's to an exciting year ahead, wishing everyone can meet (and exceed!) their goals!

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