Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Have Yourself A Healthier SuperBowl!

It's about that time again, the great American pasttime of celebrating the SuperBowl with friends, food & drinks.  Last year I wrote a post on festive football decor and snack ideas which a lot of people responded to, I even got a few photos of their set ups!  This year, one of my personal goals is to stay on track with my fitness, so I have been researching healthy SuperBowl ideas.  Besides, aren't most engaged couples looking to stay in great shape leading up to the wedding? 

While SuperBowl parties and "healthy eating/drinking" don't necessarily go together for some people, according to a recent poll conducted by the National Restaurant Association survey, "42% of Americans say that nutritious options are a mandatory part of their game day spread" (source).  So here are just a few ideas and recipes to help even out your game day table.

I've come across some great options thanks to my weekly (free) email subscription to Fitness Magazine.  They have some awesome suggestions for keeping this festive football holiday healthy.  Such as tips on healthy tailgating, crockpot recipes, healthiest party foods (YES! Bruschetta made the list!) and the best way to "tackle" a superbowl party spread & stay on track.

Grilled meat is healthy & delicious! Source

The most obvious way to integrate healthy foods into your gameday is to make a more nutritious version of your favorite foods.  Most parties have chips & dip and here is a great twist on the dip side, Grilled Corn Salsa.  Pair this with some multi grain chips and you are leaps and bounds below the typical chips/dip combo calories.

Another healthy take on an American favorite is swapping out regular french fries for sweet potato fries.  You can buy them frozen from the grocery store (I buy Ore Ida Sweet Potato Crinkle Fries, the serving size is 13 fries for 140 calories) or you can buy whole sweet potatoes and make them yourself

And since I do realize the need to balance things out, here are free printables for football decor along with receipes for team spirit popcorn & homemade pretzels.  And one more free football printables for good measure.  Enjoy!

free football party snack printables

Super Bowl Football Party Ideas

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