Monday, January 30, 2012

Making Your Wedding Flowers Last

The advantages of having real flowers in your wedding are obvious; they are beautiful, smell wonderful and add a fabulous personalized decadence to your decor.  On the flip side, the obvious drawback is that most flowers have a short life and you can really only enjoy them on your wedding day and in the professional photos. Luckily for today's brides, there are a few options for making your wedding flowers last.

Studio Eriksdotter specializes in helping brides treasure their wedding flowers forever. I learned about Erica thanks to a company profile in a post from Washingtonian magazine.  This booming business started when Swedish founder Erica Eriksdotter was asked by a friend to paint a bridal bouquet as a gift for his future bride.  The process works by sending in a photo of your bouquet and Erica will hand paint a canvas replica.  Prices and more specific instructions are on her website.   

Taking this trend one step further, Flowers Into Paintings is a company who uses your actual flowers in their paintings!  You send in some flowers from your actual bouquet and FIP will use them to create an original piece of art.     

Last but not least is My Flowers Forever, a company who transforms your flowers into beads for lifelong keepsakes as well as daily jewelry!  I hope these companies have provided some inspiration to those of you looking to make your wedding flowers last. 

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