Friday, June 3, 2011

Videography Just Got Really Cool

A huge part of my job is creating & maintaining relationships with amazing vendors.  Aside from contacting local vendors, I am always on the lookout for new approaches/ services for my wedding clients.  Budget is always a concern for couples in planning mode but especially in this recession, couples are choosing very carefully which vendors they select.  Typically, videographers are the first vendors cut from the list, a lot of couples view wedding videos as an unnecessary cost and let's be honest, a lot of wedding videography from a few years ago is pretty boring and standard.  I've only had one client use a videographer, the service was a family friend's gift to the couple.  Videos are supposed to capture the fun & excitement of the day from all angles and I am so excited to have found a really cool way to get the wedding video couples want at a price they will love. 

Enter StoryMix Media.  In addition to offering different videography services for business, weddings (save the date videos!) and consumers, they just launched a new service, My Flip Wedding.  The idea is to have your friends & family be your videographers for the whole day with flip cameras and then you send all the footage to StoryMix Media to be edited and packaged.  Starting at $99.99, you will receive 1 HD flip camera (with 2 hours of footage), 3 day rental with return shipping label, get to choose from 10 movie themes, get a Hollywood intro to your final video, access to an online storyboard to pick scenes & arrange order, captions, titles, preview & approval of final edit online and 1 dvd with edited movie plus the raw footage!  And there are plenty of other options available such as 3 and 5 camera packages and a week long camera rental for your honeymoon.  And if you already have your own flip camera, there is a customizable package for you as well! 

I just found out about this company so while I haven't recommended this to any of my clients, I definitely will in the future.  And if you aren't currently planning a wedding, this makes for a great gift for your favorite engaged couple!  Most people are not video editing whizzes and you can't beat the price for everything included, especially the behind the scenes coverage from the couple's nearest and dearest.  Since I'm not tech whiz myself, I couldn't figure out how to upload their sample videos on this post but check out the links for complete information.  Enjoy!


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