Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Paperless Eco-Wedding Mag, Duh!

I'm always on the lookout for new ideas to pass along to FCW clients.  Specifically, I have been paying a lot of attention to the "green" movement & finding resources that dive into wedding specific ideas that go beyond the typical "reduse, reuse, recycle" mantra.  The genuises behind the Eco-Beautiful Weddings have come up with a widely accessible and waste free way to spread the green word!  They have a daily blog and 4 seasonal issues per year with a few 10 page 'mini mag' issues thrown in for good measure.  The latest issue is for Summer 2011 which features a green guide to Chicago on page 30, a kids section on page 54 and a green giveaway on page 103 just to name a few topics.  The issues are fairly new to the site and date back to Winter 2010 but because there are all online, you can access back issues anytime!

For example, I looked into the Winter 2011 issue and found an eco-friendly guide to serving fish at your wedding on page 106. If you want DIY instructions for a French Provence decor, turn to page 48.  Tips on how to make your rehearsal dinner "green", turn to page 69.  And for real couples wedding inspiration, check out page 72.  I must point out that you can purchase this in print edition, my favorite part about this "e-magazine" idea is that couples can easily keep track of and send ideas to their wedding party, family and most importantly, their wedding planner.  Take it from a girl who has stacks and stacks of wedding magazines in her office as we speak- it can feel like a waste when there are only a few great ideas that jump out at you from 200 pages.  Most of us are online most of the day anyway, so be sure to check out the blog & e-magazines for some great green inspiration.  Enjoy!

Spring 2011 mini mag

Fall 2010

Summer 2011

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