Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vera + David = True Bridal Love

Fresh off my over-the-top excitement from seeing Vera Wang's spring 2011 bridal collection on the runway at Unveiled in DC, I came across the miraculous news that Vera, the wedding goddess, is teaming up exclusively with David's Bridal for a Spring 2011 collection called "White".  I know.  I will give you a second to let that sink in.  Starting February 11th, 150 select stores will feature the White collection which ranges in prices from $600-$1,400 in sizes 0-14 along with accessories.  Vera is going to add onto the collection mid-year with bridal dress sizes 16-26  and bridesmaids dresses 0-26.

Please, please, please go to the David's Bridal website and check out the White collection section.  There is a Q&A section with Vera about the collection details as well as a preview of the gowns and pricing AND Vera generously posted two videos- behind the scenes and designing the collection!  I must mention that I found out about this amazing venture from my friend Joe who sent me this link to Tom & Lorenzo's blog.  All the model pictures are from their post and if I do say so myself, you should do yourself a favor by checking out their fabulous blog!  The same day I started working on this post I finally finished my January issue of Glamour magazine & to my surprise, Glamour had an article about Vera's new collection so I was able to mix in collection pictures with actual brides.  Without further ado, enjoy the preview pictures!

vera wang white davids bridal wedding dress kim
Gown, $1,000, sash, $38, White by Vera Wang. Source
vera wang white davids bridal wedding dress alyssa
Gown, $600, veil, $148, White by Vera Wang. Source

From Tom & Lorenzo's blog:

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