Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Proposal Tiiiiiiiiime!

The holidays are not just for great food, juggling family visits, overpriced gifts, and awesome music.  No, the holidays are the peak times for marriage proposals!  This is no coincidence, the holidays are such a huge family time and when it comes down to it, marriage is the uniting of two families.  Also guys have the whole year to set aside money and I'm sure year-end bonuses don't hurt either!

But planning out a proposal is a daunting task.  Beyond choosing and affording "the perfect ring", the unsuspecting boyfriend has the pressure of a great story to tell everyone they know.  When I meet with my wedding clients the first question I ask is how the couple met and the second question is how did he propose.  It is very telling of the couple's interests and style and helps me to get to know the couple quickly.

According to Diamond Helpers, 80% of women were unhappy with their proposals.  Isn't that a startling statistic?!  Fear no more, boyfriends.  Felicity C Weddings is excited to announce a new service: proposal planning!  What exactly does FCW proposal planning include?  Just like the wedding planning packages, the proposal planning is customizable to each client.  I believe that most guys have a basic idea and just need my professional help to have everything come together perfectly.  FCW allows men the luxury of being able to choose how much assistance they will need on such areas as choosing the engagement ring, deciding on a proposal plan, actual planning, and execution of the proposal.  There are so many factors in an amazing proposal- location, timing, surprise, presentation, etc.  My goal is to help guys get from the great inspiration stage to the great proposal by utilizing my skills and knowledge to make this important milestone stress free and more enjoyable!

Please check the Felicity C Weddings website for more in depth information on the packages.  Oh yeah and THE FIRST PROPOSAL CLIENT WILL RECEIVE A 50% DISCOUNT!  Contact by phone or email today!
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*These are not proposals planned by FCW.  Maybe next time I do a post about proposals it will be YOUR proposal picture featured ; )

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