Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guy Corner: All Things Groom

Does this sound like any recently engaged guy you know?  The proposal was a hit.  He's updated his Facebook profile to state that he is now engaged.  At this point most grooms-to-be are ready to sit back and relax until the big day since they aren't sure how or what they should be doing. Unfairly, a lot of men get stuck in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to wedding planning because they don't have a lot of knowledge on the subject and because it is socially acceptable to have the bride take control.   While most guys aren't concerned with the china patterns his fiancee is registering for, there are a lot of details that most men actually do want a say in.  I have found that the grooms I have worked with have 3 main concerns for the actual wedding day; the food, the music, and the bar.  But there is so much more to enjoy in the entire planning process (hello caterer tastings and registering for cool home gadgets!). 

Luckily, I have found two great resources for grooms; The Man Registry and The Plunge.  These are two pretty awesome websites with articles, checklists and products aimed at grooms.  There are articles about everything from bachelor parties (and non-stripper bachelor parties), groomsmen gifts, etiquette, relationship advice, fashion, and even promotions from approved vendors!  I think the key to both sites is that the content is aimed at guys without any of the wedding "fluff" the brides get from their websites, magazines, and tv shows.  While most guys have at least one friend who is married, its pretty rare that men share insight or advice for the wedding planning part.  And yes, there are "groom" books out there but what guy wants to sit down and read a whole book about weddings?  These websites serve as an expert on a very intimidating subject without forcing extra information.  

Not a groom?  No problem, these sites are not limited to the newly engaged!  For guys needing some direction to "pop the question", The Plunge offers a ring buying guide and he'll probably stumble across the proposal ideas as well.  Or if your man has no clue about being a best man or groomsman for a his friend, you can direct him to the wedding toasts and groomsmen section.  But back to the grooms, after you get that ring on her finger and life has calmed down a bit, head over to these websites and I'm pretty sure it will help you feel less overwhelmed and get more excited about the big day!  Enjoy!

Groomsman gift idea: NCAA 550 Grill Topper. Source

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