Monday, November 8, 2010

Celebrity Weddings: Hide or Seek?

For those of you who are not as wrapped up in all things celebrity gossip as I am, there have been quite a few weddings this year already for the rich & famous.  I wrote about the iconic wedding of Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey and it is definitely true that celebrity weddings give inspiration to many a bride-to-be, whether celebrities are following or creating trends.  2010 was no different.  Which was your favorite wedding to read about?  There was quite a variety; from the large fan-fare surrounding American "royalty" Chelsea Clinton to the notoriously private Penelope Cruz.  Just like 'regular' brides, some celebrity brides had months of elaborate planning and some planned quickly for a baby on the way.  Some celebs choose to have their weddings covered exclusively by a magazine and some celebrities were able to keep the news secret/ out of the press for few months!

Whatever the style, all couples deserve a wonderful day with their friends & family.  It does make me wonder if I would trade my privacy (and sanity in keeping all my planning secrets/details to myself) for a ginormous celebrity wedding budget.  Sean Penn & Madonna's 1985 wedding was famously covered by paparazzi circling in helicopters.  And that was before the paparazzi became the animals the are today.  So, would you want a lavish & publicly documented wedding or rather sneak away to celebrate with the people that really matter?  And in the same vein, do you like when celebrities share their wedding with the world or keep their big day locked up tight?  Here are some of the weddings that have graced 2010.  Enjoy!


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