Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sports + Weddings= Awesome

If one created a venn diagram (remember those from elementary school?) with one side being all things weddings and the other side being all things sports, Sports Weddings by The Knot would be the complete middle of said venn diagram.  'Sports Weddings' has articles galore including how to propose at Fenway Park, real grooms cakes for inspiration, and sports favor ideas just to name a few.  I almost made this a "Groom's Corner" post but I hesitate to say that only grooms would be interested in this.  Not only are there many sports fan brides, but a lot of couples share 'fan-dom' in their college or local sports team.  This is for any couple looking to incorporate sports in any way, small or big, into the big celebration.

This website is so appealing because a lot of couples are unsure of how to incorporate a hobby or interest in a tasteful way.  'Sports Weddings' offers various ways to have a sports themed ceremony, reception and everything in between.  Some couples may want to focus on their school or team's colors or other couples may want to feature a specific sport.  I loved going through the photo galleries and especially the sports wedding board which is full of real brides who are discussing all their plans & giving great ideas.  I hope this website serves as a great resource for all the sports fan couples out there.  Enjoy!
In lieu of a traditional guest book, Allison and Josh asked their guests to sign a custom baseball jersey with the number 11 on it to signify their November wedding month. Later that month, they had a second reception in New Mexico and had guests there si... Using a jersey as a guestbook

Robin’s dragon boating team, the Oregon Women Lawyers Dragonflies, did a traditional paddle arch send-off for the newly married couple.
A 'Crew' couple gets married

In lieu of a groom’s cake, Dave chose baseball-shaped butter cookies. “An homage to his love of baseball and the Red Sox,” Sabeen says. “I attribute their world series win to those cookies!”
Baseball cookie favors

*All pictures are from the Sports Weddings by The Knot website

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