Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Calling All Recessionistas!

Life doesn't stop because we are in a recession.  People are still getting engaged, planning weddings and being invited to events year round.  I've seen the trend for a lot of my brides to get more creative with their themes and decor and of course the ever popular DIY method, but how do your guests pare down?  Your nearest and dearest will appreciate local ceremony & reception sites and for those out of town guests, searching for the best priced accommodations is a sure way to keep them happy.  More & more couples are taking on the cost of hiring shuttles for the out of town guests as well.  And most registries have a wide range of items that can fit most budgets.  But one costs for guests still remain: what to wear to the wedding.

Well I have the answer, Rent the Runway.  After signing up for free, you are told that you now have access to designer dresses at 90% off retail price AND you get to choose from 95 designers!  They have a calendar application that allows you to select the date of your event and work around it with shipping time.  They have a $5 insurance coverage that takes care of most accidents (spilled wine, lipstick marks) and they do all the dry cleaning!  It is a pretty ingenious business idea and pretty similar to borrowing an amazing dress from your mom... if your mom is Carolina Herrera or Carrie Bradshaw. RTR has 24 occasions ranging from prom to 'meet the parents' to sorority party to rehearsal dinner and even 'bump friendly'.  You are pretty much covered for any life event in need of fabulous attire. 

In addition to dresses for all occasions, they also rent out accessories!  If I was not clear before, this website caters to designers that most of us could never afford to have within 100 ft of our bodies; Missoni, Tibi, Badgely Mischka, etc.  This may be too much for a random night out, but if life calls for something extra special, you should definitely check this website out.  I should mention that this is a great resource not only for wedding guests but for brides since there are a couple of big events pre-wedding requiring fabulous outfits (rehearsal dinner for one).  I have yet to give it a whirl but I've heard great things and I'll post again once I have some personal feedback!  Enjoy!

Rachel Roy, Lipstained Stretch Dress

Retail $1,395   Rental $200


  1. ummmmmmm R.T.R. is AMAZING. i'm so glad you've heard of it! i tell people about it and they're like whaaa?? every chic should know about this company. kudos love.

  2. oops. "chick." my b.

  3. I actually have had this post ready to go for awhile and I forgot about it! I've never used RTR but it is such a great option for so many occasions. A girl (or bride) can never have too many clothing options!