Friday, October 15, 2010

Adult Goodie Bags

True or False: wedding favors are a recent tradition?  The answer is FALSE!  Wedding favors date back a few centuries (source) and many countries today celebrate this tradition.  Here is the US, many of us grew up expecting goodie bags at our classmate's birthday parties (even though our parents said to never expect anything but a thank you) and the adult equivalent is favors at weddings.  There are many people on both sides on the "should we or shouldn't we" debate.  I found this post and this post letting brides know that while favors are not required, here are some cost effective ideas to give a favor without breaking the bank.

As a wedding planner, I have a mix of emotions of favors.  I never believe that the couple should break the bank to provide favors.  But if there is room in the budget & it is important to the couple, then I'm all for favors.  And there is really no 'wrong' favor because it is all dependent on the situation.  Here are my 3 rules:

1. The favor should be useful
This is number one for a reason.  I am not a fan of giving guests some trinket with the couple's name on it that it not useful.  Emphasis on NOT useful.  A drinking glass is super useful and is a great idea.  My personal favorite idea is edible favors; chocolate, cookies, a candy bar, etc.  Everyone loves treats so it will not go to waste and you can personalize it to fit into the wedding.  I planned a wedding where the couple got married in Philadelphia & gave away LOVE key chains as favors and I still use mine today.  When in doubt, your favor probably is not useful.  There are many other ways to incorporate a couple's interests into a wedding without involving the favors.  You know what is always useful?  Donating money to a charity in lieu of favors.  Make sure you pick a charity that is important to you and leave a sign out on each guest table letting them know about the donation so they don't go looking for a favors table.
2. The favor should relate to the couple/ their interests
My love of all things personalized also comes into play- if the couple are huge tea drinkers then the above image of tea bags is a perfect favor and most people are tea drinkers so the bags will be appreciated.  I just don't like to see couples get overly creative so that the favor doesn't relate to the couple.   
3. The couple should consider their guests & make sure this favor is something that most of the guests would actually want
This goes back to the "useful" aspect, but just be aware that you will have a wide age range and it is best to go with the safe bet than something really creative.  What would both your 15 year old cousin and 84 year old grandfather want to take home?

Below are some of the more 'out there' favors i found.  Who knows, there may be a ton of guests who LOVE anything frog related.  Any of these favors could be great as long as they meet all 3 rules.  Above all, just make sure that favors do not stress you out and know that your first idea is probably the best.  Enjoy! 


  1. My unique and favorite item to include on a wedding bag is an anti-hangover drink. Nobody thinks of that, but guests will feel much better the day after the party! I am using a product called Security Feel Better because is the only one that could prove itself effective, and is an elegant tiny glass bottle!

  2. Sorry I just saw this but this is a GREAT idea! I will definitely keep this in mind for clients.