Monday, October 11, 2010

After The Wedding: Dress Decisions

So now that the wedding is over and the gifts have been sorted, there is still one lingering detail that you will see everyday... the wedding dress!  Most brides have it hanging in their closet until the hustle & bustle dies down and then they begin to wonder what exactly to do with the dress.  Well, there are a few options.  I did find this post on Wedding Paper Divas that breaks everything downs for brides:  
1. Preserve your wedding dress. This straightforward article from The Knot fully explains all of the details that go into cleaning, preserving and storing your wedding dress if you’re interested in keeping it.
2. Sell it. Trust us—there are plenty of brides out there searching for a gently used dress like yours. Check sites like Recycled Bride for all the details. You can recoup some of the money you spent on it, help another bride-to-be attain her dream wedding look and make an eco-friendly choice all in one fell swoop.
3. Donate your wedding dress. Charities like Brides Against Breast Cancer will take your donated wedding dress and resell it to donate the profits toward a good cause. We love the idea of starting your marriage off with an act of kindness!
4. Transform it. Take a look at your dress and try to envision transforming it into something else. If you are planning on having kids, it could make lovely little baptism outfits, booties or baby blankets. We’ve also heard of brides turning their gowns into everything from ring bearer pillows to place mats.
5. Trash the dress. Some brides decide that since they’re never planning to wear their dresses again, they might as well “trash” them and get a cool photo out of it. Some say they can still clean and donate their dresses after a trash the dress photo shoot, too.

I will point out that any option is a good option if it fits you and every bride should take some time to think about this before a final decision.  The pro's of preserving the dress would be to save it for your future daughter(s) or even to display it at your daughter's wedding as a piece of family history.  Selling, donating & transforming the dress have obvious advantages.  As for trash the dress, it is kind of a misnomer because the point is not to destroy your dress, but to get some creative shots of your hobbies that may get the dress dirty (grass stains, wet from the ocean, etc) that you would not want on your wedding day.  Whatever you decide, enjoy the process and right now, enjoy these trash the dress photos! 

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