Thursday, March 29, 2012

FCW Takes On DIY- Intro

One of my business goals for 2012 is to try out the fun DIY projects I spot online.  I have so much respect for those who live to do-it-themselves but I have to admit that most of the projects I see intimidate me.  I may be creative but crafty I am not.  I do love creative and personalized details in weddings and I always make sure my clients do a few test runs to see how much time, energy & expense is really needed.  And from that came my brilliant idea to try out these ideas first then post about it to let people know what they are getting themselves into- if I can master a DIY project, ANYONE can master it.  Here are a few that I've had my eye on, the first three are wedding projects and the last two are more fashion/ home decor.  Check back to see my progress aka keep me accountable, happy DIYing!

diy tassel garland fringe confettisystems metallic tissue paper

DIY ombre wedding ideas

pink and yellow neon shoes DIY

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