Thursday, March 15, 2012

Favors Your Guests Will Love (And Actually Take Home)

Favors are a tricky area of wedding planning.  There are not required but have become so mainstream that many couples feel obligated to gift their gifts with something extra... you know, in addition to a lovely ceremony, (free) cocktail hour/ dinner/ dancing, etc.  Because favors are just that, something above and beyond what is expected. 

Now favors are popping up at lots of pre-wedding events too which actually makes more sense to me.  My preference for favors if couples want to give them is to choose either edible items or make a charity donation.  However there are always exceptions to the rule.  I have found a few great ideas for favors outside of my typical guidelines.  Never feel pressured to buy favors, but if you are so inclined, are a few more suggestions.  Enjoy!  

#1. Wedding cake flavored vodka airplane bottles.  While this is not the perfect favor for every guest list, if your nearest and dearest love cocktails, they will love this fun idea.  Pearl Vodka's wedding cake flavor is not just for the wedding though, this would be a great add on to any pre-wedding festivity; engagement party, bridal shower or bachelorette party.

before#2. Instagram magnets.  Talk about personal and useful!  Using the instagram app you can make magnets of your favorite photos!  I like this idea much better than save the date magnets which looked dated after the actual wedding has passed.  You can use engagement photos (extra points for holding 'thank you' signs) or any photos that go with your specific theme. 

#3. Personalized lollipops.  No, not lollipops with your beautiful faces on them.  This fabulous idea from I Do Crafts is to use your engagement photos to create the illusion that you and your love are holding a lollipop for each of your guests!  Confused?  Check out this post with a full explanation or just look at the adorable finished product below.  This is taking the edible favor an awesome step farther and I think your guests will really appreciate your creativity and attention to detail.

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