Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lady In Red: Yay or Nay?

Although there are very few rules left for wedding guests, the cardinal rule is to not steal the bride/couple's thunder on her/their big day.  Following that principle, I find it inappropriate to wear red to a wedding, as it is such an attention-grabbing color.  I recently went to a wedding where FOUR guests (all female) were wearing bright red dresses.  It made me wonder if guests believe there really are no rules for wedding attire.  I have noticed at client weddings that while the majority of guests are dressing appropriately, there have been a few instances of too short, too tight, too flashy, etc.  As often as women's fashion changes, maybe guests are taking on new rules for wedding attire too.  It used to be that black was too somber to wear to a wedding but now that is a top choice.  My main question is how are women deciding which, if any, rules to follow?  Is appropriate based on your color choice or dress style/length? your geographic region (west coast, midwest, east coast, deep south, etc.)? formality of the wedding? time of year? location of wedding?  

Thinking about all of this, of course yesterday I saw The Duchess of Cambridge wearing a red dress (with a red hat!) going a wedding this past weekend.  My head exploded with even more questions.  Does she get to where whatever she wants anywhere she goes because she is royalty now?  Do British people just wear crazier wedding attire (I'm looking at you, Princess Beatrice) all the time?  I know this a not a typical post wherein I discuss a topic with a definite guidelines.  Please leave your comments on this post to let me know what you think & have a great day!

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