Thursday, September 22, 2011

Custom Gifts Just Got Better!

Like most people, I really enjoy photos.  LOVE even.  I love keeping special moments with family & friends tangible by keeping the photos framed around my house.  And just like framed photos, I periodically switch out the photo background on my phone to keep my favorites with me all the time.  This must have been the inspiration for what Case-Mate came up with, custom phone photo cases!

This innovative company is jumping on the technology trend by offering custom options for all of your case needs.  They cover iphones, blackberries, htc phones, smartphones, tablets and accessories.  The DIY custom case is as easy as uploading a photo, making sure that it is 1650 pixels high by 1650 pixels wide.  If it is smaller it cannot be enlarged to fit, like the photo I used below.

  Website: Case-Mate/ Photo Credit: Jacqueline Schlossman, ReadyLuck

If you do find a photo large enough, it will cover the entire back cover.  The price is $34.99 for every case from an iphone 3G to blackberry.  You have to key in your zip code in the checkout screen to calculate the shipping fee.
Website: Case-Mate/ Photo Source

Aside from buying this for yourself, this is a really fun, inexpensive and thoughtful gift!  Most people I know are like me and attached to our phones, there are so many possibilities to gift this.  Birthdays, anniversaries, new moms, grandparents and especially think of the newlyweds in your life who would adore having their favorite wedding photo within hand's reach!  Case-Mate is definitely worth a look, tin addition to the DIY case option, they have hundreds of case designs featuring bands and art to cover just about everyone's interests.  I do want to point out that I found this great idea from photographer Danielle Vennard whose client used her wedding photo for a custom case.  Vendors inspiring vendors, I love it! 

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