Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trendy Wedding Signs & New Sign Inspiration

Personally & professionally, I have a love-hate relationship with trends.  Trends are a good thing.  They move society forward, one idea can be interpreted in many ways and can spin out into 50 ideas.  But when a trend makes everyone feel forced to follow, that's when I'm over it.  I really believe that your style should be a mixture of ideas, inspiration AND your personal style. 

This is no different for your wedding day.  The wedding industry is not exempt from falling into trend ruts (hello 'rustic' decor).  It's not that wedding trends are bad, but I always encourage my clients to personalize their wedding as much as possible.  This means taking something meaningful to you and using it in your wedding- a favorite poem, lyric, pet names, etc.  I've also included some creative signs that I really like, hopefully they will inspire couples to create their own wedding style. Enjoy! 

Trend: Eat, Drink & Be Married
Image #340576
Update 1:
Update 2:
Image #340595
Trend: Just Married
Update 1:
Update 2:

Trend: Love is Sweet (candy bar or cake table)
A few other original ideas:

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