Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guy's Corner: Formal Event Clothes Made Easy

With wedding season now starting as early as March and going through November & December, it is pretty common for most people to attend at least wedding a year.  From beach to black tie weddings, what to wear is always a concern for all guests.  This Well Groomed Blog post breaks down the age old question that most males face in regards to fashion: which color dress shoes to wear with what color suit.  While males do have some room to make mistakes in day to day work attire, formal events such as weddings are a whole other ballgame.  Sure, if you are a guy with a girlfriend or wife who can help you then you are in luck.  But maybe pass this along to your friends who only have their manly instinct to rely on when getting dressed for a formal event.

The other big question is what color suit to wear in the first place.  The tuxedo is on its way out of the wedding circuit, save for black tie affairs.  Modern groomsmen & male guests are opting for black, tan and gray suits.  And there is always the option of not wearing the full suit, instead sporting a suit vest or casual vest over a button up collared shirt.  I've collected a few images below, both from my Felicity C Weddings clients & ones I found online.  Enjoy!

Diamond Wedding 5.21.10 Credit: Lindsay Hite/ ReadyLuck

Ford Wedding 9.25.10. Credit: Procopio Photography

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