Friday, August 26, 2011

"Fall" In Love With Pantone's Latest Color Report

Remember that scene in "The Devil Wears Prada" when Meryl Streep's character gave the lecture on the cerulean (blue) sweater?  How everyone's fashion choices are ultimately made by a few people at the top of the fashion food chain?  Well, here is the proof.  Pantone puts out color reports for the seasons and it is time for the annual Fall/Winter report!  And The Dessy Group is awesome enough to color match their great dresses! 

Not only do I love these colors for fall and specifically, fall and winter weddings, but Pantone is pretty right on with their reports.  The Spring 2011 report focused on honeysuckle, coral rose, lavender, silver peony and silver cloud all of which were HUGE in this spring and summer's weddings.  Hope these new colors for fall inspire you like they have inspired me. Enjoy!
Pantone's Fall/Winter 2011 report. Source

Pantone's Spring 2011 report. Source

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