Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The New Way To Wow With Flowers

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones.  I worked a wedding with Sascha's Catering this past Saturday in Baltimore, MD and now I'm obsessed with re-creating the floral arrangements.  This look is clean, classic and understated with a huge impact yet versatile for many weddings.  Flowers submerged in water with a few candles around the vases for a glowy effect.  So simple, right?  I am always seeking out alternatives for my clients, both aesthetically and financially minded.  I have a feeling this obsession will stick around for awhile, it is cost effective AND fits most decor themes.  Hint: If you want to add an extra punch, dye the water.  If you tell your bridal party early on to keep an eye out for gorgeous clear vases, you'll cut the cost and worry of renting from the florist.  Also, this is a really great DIY idea for brides- aside from buying flowers from your florist & cutting out the arrangement fees, you can search local flower farms and even grocery stores for in-season blooms. 

And the beauty doesn't stop with flowers- you can alternate centerpieces with fruit!  My favorite is lemons, maybe because I adore adding pops of yellow anywhere and everywhere.  Tree branches, moss and leaves are also a great focal point for a nature wedding.  With the immense variety of options, you can tailor your decor to any theme- cherry blossoms for an Asian wedding, roses for a classic wedding or add seashells for a beach wedding.  I hope this helps you think outside the box, I've of course added some images for inspiration.  Enjoy!

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