Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Importance of Editing Your Wedding

Anyone planning a wedding knows how many decisions there are to make & this process is too often complicated by the enormous amount of bridal resources- blogs, wedding websites, wedding tv shows, magazines, bridal shows, etc.  Yes, this planner is saying that there is such a problem as too many resources.  Indecisiveness is not only very time consuming but too many choices in addition to the desire to have "the best wedding ever" puts a lot of pressure on today's brides. 

As someone who subscribes to various bridal blogs, everyday I see hundreds of new and inspiring wedding ideas.  It is very tempting to incorporate every cool thing you see but no one wants a wedding that is all over the place & incohesive.  Editing simply means separating what you like & why you like it to focus the planning and design process.  Here are my top 4 rules for editing your wedding:

#1. Start out with a list of what you want your ideal ceremony and reception to be.  If you want a romantic feel, that will rule out industrial spaces and modern colors.  The budget, season, location, and formality of a wedding strongly dictate the rest of the planning so make sure you have those details sorted first.  Did I mention the budget? Yes, the budget directly effects every aspect of your wedding.  There is nothing that will ruin planning faster than a bride being disappointed because she has unrealistic expectations.     

#2. Keep a file (on your computer or an actual folder) of images that you like with notes of why you like those details. Also keeping track of details that you strongly dislike (no roses anywhere, no gold, etc.) can sometimes be more helpful in the beginning stages than figuring out what you do want.  It is kind of similar to how you pick a major in college- knowing what you don't like helps to eliminates most of the choices right away.  Focus on the feeling or environment that you want to create inside of what you need to have.  Once you have a few images picked out, creating an inspiration board is a strategic way to make sure all the elements are cohesive.   

#3. Make peace with the idea that you have one wedding and you cannot (in good taste) jam in everything you see from online, tv, and magazine resources.  This is not a competition. Repeat.  A wedding should reflect the couple & their families, not bragging rights to compare against any other wedding.  Trends change every couple of years and you should not feel obligated to stay away from or give into a popular trend.  Weddings that equally focus on the couple and the guest experience will never go out of style.

#4. It is up to the couple to narrow down the options but if the plans involve logistics, be flexible and make sure your wedding vendors are part of the discussion.  Making it snow inside or having the entire dance floor covered in rose petals may sound elegant but both ideas are strictly prohibited from 99% of venues for safety issues.  Vendors want to help make your day unforgettable but industry experience does dictate certain rules.  Flexibility during planning is the best way to keep your sanity and ensure an amazing wedding.  This also means keeping that list of what you like & what you don't like updated so vendors have more information to use.

There are obviously hundreds of options for decor but taking the time to figure out what reflects you in the beginning of planning will save you time, energy & money.  Here are a few images of different decor & inspiration boards to get you started.  Enjoy!

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